Main Reasons to Own Wild Bird Feeders

By Craig Shinney

The fundamental status of wild birds to the food chain and local ecosystems is a favourite conversation topic of many an ornithologist, who will be able to tell you, by rote, statistical data about the effect the decimation of the bird's nesting and breeding grounds is having on their population sizes.

It is the beautiful song and amazingly varied plumage which attracts many a person to spark an interest in wild birds and consequently purchase a wild bird feeder in order to lure them into the viewing arena of their own back garden.

Different birds like different types of feeders. So no matter which bird you're crazy about, you need the type of bird feeder that is particularly suited to your favourite bird.

If you like to watch birds, there is little doubt that you have a favourite, one bird that you would just love to spot more than any other, no matter what lengths you must go to in order to see it. But with a bit of research into the right type of wild bird feeder, you will be on your way in no time.

Of course there is a wide variety of wild bird feeders available for purchase. From extremely fancy and expensive to relatively simple and inexpensive no matter what your budget, or your taste, there is a bird feeder designed to suit you and the size of your garden, big or small.

There is such a wide variety of wild bird feeders available on today's market that it is now possible to coordinate your feeder with your garden! Without paying for expensive gardeners, one can pop down to the garden centre and instantly add a little life to a previously dull garden by choosing one of the many styles.

We all have a part to play in making sure that Mother Earth is well looked after, and for those of us who like to consider ourselves as friends of the earth, what better way to do your bit than helping your favourite feathered friend by supplying them with a wild bird feeder?

Why not get a wild bird feeder? With so little to do once you've bought one, other than enjoy the birds, and a feeder to suit all pockets, you'd be mad not to! - 30447

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Quail Hunting in The Great Alabama Outdoors

By Harold Davis

In the great state of Alabama, quail hunting is regarded as a activity for the good old country boy searching for a tremendous experience in an nature. Cooked quail meat offers for a delightful meal and it can be very effortless to locate decent bird populations in The state of Alabama. For this reason, it is exceptionally widespread and rightly so.

Quail hunting should be done with a pair of dogs along with two hunters. Most hunters own what they call their bird dogs which go out and pursue the birds in the field. The bird dogs additionally go to retrieve the birds immediately after they fall to the ground. Not only that, the canines make phenomenal hunting companions.

When bird hunting, is important that each and every hunter is familiar with exactly where the other could be all the time. Around my local area, Sand Mountain, commonly folks prefer to go to the open fields in late fall to seek quail. As soon as the hunters kill a lot of quail, they will often cook a serious quail supper or they freeze the birds for later.

If you've certainly not been quail hunting much before, if you want to get started, it will be best to hunt for a time with a skilled outdoorsman in your town. They are able to show you the ropes of how to discover best locations and the methods of killing loads of game without going overboard.

By law, it is imperative that you respect the rights of the property owners as well as secure permission whereever you plan to hunt. However, you need to ensure you get an Alabama hunting permit and you might want to identify all the Alabama state laws in relation to hunting regulations. Nobody wants the area game warden to write them a citation.

The majority of outdoorsmen will concur that Alabama is a top state for quail hunting. Hunting quail gives you a lot of entertainment out in the great outdoors.

Just make sure to keep safety paramount. Take into consideration the Dick Cheney hunting episode. While quail hunting, former United States Vice President Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington, a 78-year-old Texas attorney. Dick Cheney afterward admitted that he consumed a handful of beers prior to the episode that almost took the life of his hunting companion. Thus be aware of your intoxification levels (if consuming alcoholic beverages) and don't impair your judgment.

Overall, as you hunt inside state of Alabama, you need to have in mind the Alabama state hunting regulations & by using good horse sense in gun safety. Get outside in those fields, and have fun! The cooked birds make for good food, and there is nothing like the great Alabama outdoors to have an enjoyable experience hunting. By the way... Roll Tide! - 30447

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How To Choose A Good Pair Of Bird Watching Binoculars

By Dale Smith

When you are bird watching, you may often wish that you could see the birds you are viewing much closer. Birds can be such fascinating creatures to watch. It isn't always easy to get closer to them without scaring them away or trespassing into their habitats. For this reason, finding and purchasing an adequate pair of bird watching binoculars is necessary.

You can expect the price range to vary quite a bit between binoculars, depending on the features that are available. There are a lot of different key functions to binoculars that you should be aware of when you are searching for your own proper pair. You can expect to pay between $50 and up to hundreds of dollars. You can also expect to try out different pairs to find out which work best for you.

Consider what type of magnification you are searching for when you are bird watching. The higher the magnification on the binoculars, the more likely you are going to lose your field of view. Likewise, the lower range of the magnification, the more your field of view will increase. Try checking out different types of magnification to see what works best for your eyes.

It's important to use a pair of binoculars that can focus easily. You should be able to adjust the focus quickly and still receive a quality image when you are viewing your birds. Usually, the higher quality of binoculars you use, the better the focusing mechanisms will perform. This is something to remember when you are considering prices.

Something else that is fairly important is regarding the size of the lens found in your binoculars. A huge lens does not guarantee that you will have a crisp view of anything when you are bird watching. Often times people are willing to pay too much money for a large lens, only to find that they are completely unsatisfied with the view quality later on. It is better to go with the recommended lens size of 35mm or 45 mm.

You should pay particular interest to the eye cups on the binoculars if you wear eye glasses. You need binoculars with soft rubber eye cups, as these will allow your glasses get as close as possible to the lens and improve your viewing quality. There are also binoculars with adjustable eye cups, though they can sometimes be more pricey.

You might have to try out many different pairs of binoculars to find the type that are right for you. Keep in mind that binoculars that work well for someone else may not work well enough for your own preferences. If you have some friends that enjoy bird watching, consider asking if you can borrow some of their binoculars so you can see the different options available.

Using the correct pair of bird watching binoculars on your next bird watch can greatly improve your experience. It is a way for you to enjoy and view birds in a way you previously may not have before. A good pair of bird watching binoculars should be considered a necessity for anyone who is looking for a clear view of nature's beauty. - 30447

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Concepts For The Employment Of Bird Netting For Avian Control

By Steven B.t Smith

Generally speaking, using Bird netting to control avian populations is the recommended method for most any avian control program. Certainly, there are more than a few ways to employ the netting, which is often seen around airports or other areas. Netting is also cost-effective, many times more so than other methods of birth control.

Bird netting -- in specific terms -- is looked upon as a more sensible way of controlling large populations of birds that -- when left uncontrolled -- might interfere with any number of human activities. This can include interfering with agricultural processes, aviation and a number of other functions that seem to attract birds, for some reason.

Typically, netting meant to control or regulate bird populations is also used in aviaries -- which are places where people can go to appreciate various species of birds, without allowing the birds to fly completely free. Quality netting can also help to repel various migratory bird flocks, which soon enough get the message and change their migration patterns away from the areas in which they've been congregating.

Another favorable aspect to using netting is that controlling the birds and how they congregate also helps to control the filth they may leave in their wake. Less filth means less chance of disease spread between and among the birds and also humans. It can make a lot more sense than many other control measures, which may require more human interaction and staff than relying on netting.

Other methods of control can also be much more expensive, including trying to seed the population such that it becomes sterile or otherwise population-controlled, using noise cannons or water cannons -- both of which require human staff -- or employing the use of animals to chase away bird populations, which itself presents certain problems.

However, bird netting requires very little maintenance once it's been properly erected, and the overall cost for such material is relatively small, both on a short-term and long-term basis. Today's modern netting products are also very durable, with many making use of some of the latest materials to come up with netting that is both extremely lightweight yet also very strong.

Using bird netting to control aviation populations, then, will mean employing the netting to keep down the incidence of human-to-bird contact, for one. For another, it can pay off greatly over both short and long terms, especially as it pertains to cost of employing other more-involved avian control activities or programs, including adding staff to keep bird populations down. - 30447

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Wildlife Art

By Thomas Goldman

Art depicting wild animals or birds is called wildlife art. Some of mans earliest artworks depicted wildlife, and it is a popular are of art today.

Cave paintings from the prehistoric age often included wild animals and birds which were food or danger at the time and so conceptualized very differently from our current perspective on them. Sculptures from the ancient world also often include animals and birds.

The evolution of people's attitudes to wild animals and birds is clearly reflected in wildlife art. After their initial lives close to wild animals, humans grew to separate themselves from the natural world, and this is reflected in the fact that wildlife was mostly absent from long periods of western art. Religious views at the time ignored the natural world and focused on the human realm.

The romantic era used wildlife in its typical emotional representations of the world. A typical example is a proud noble lion contrasted with an evil-looking tiger with eyes downcast in shame.

Around this time wildlife in art was also often about the boundaries between the human world and the natural world, rather than a view of nature in its own right. For example, there was art depicting a lion attacking a domestic horse.

More recently wildlife art has become a more popular subject and is greatly loved. Landseer's stag paintings were among the most popular of all artworks in the Victorian era and are still popular today, and Audubon's bird books were considered the finest picture books ever published.

Conservation of nature is currently a hot topic and many wildlife paintings are created to increase public awareness of the important issues of conservation of nature. Also nature is of great interest to many people as a subject in its own right, and wildlife art reflects this interest showing wild animals and birds in their natural habitat. - 30447

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Finding Bird Cages for Sale

By Mike Fallen

Before bringing a pet bird home, you must have a place to keep it. The most common choice is a bird cage. There are many different kinds and sizes of bird cages on the market and they are available at a range of prices.

Smaller bird cages can measure just inches in size and are perfect for finches and canaries, while larger bird cages work well for bigger birds, such as hyacinth macaws. You will be able to find simple square box bird cage and also cages which are more ornate with lots of detail. Bird cages also vary in construction material they with materials ranging from aluminum to iron and acrylic.

There are a few things you should take into consideration before deciding on a bird cage for your new pet. The bird cage you choose should be something that keeps the bird safe and comfortable. It is important that the bird has plenty of room, so make sure and buy the largest possible size appropriate for the size bird you have in order to allow it free movement in its cage.

It is important to consider the size and space between bars on a bird cage. Bars that are too thin can be easily bent broken by large bars, possibly causing an escape. An escape is also possible if the bars are too far apart. Bird cages with bars too close together can cause birds to injure themselves if their beak, foot, or wing happens to get stuck in between the bars. Of course you will also want to take into consideration how the bird cage will look in your home and how much of your time will be taken up with maintenance procedures as well.

You can buy high-end bird cages to keep your pet safe at retailers such as Avian Adventures and Midwest Homes for Pets. Their cages have individual stainless steels food and water bowls, hardwood perches, a removable tray, and a toy hook for the bird's entertainment. Play-top cages enable you to take the bird out of the cage and place it on a stand outside of the cage to give it a change of scenery with the familiarity of the play-top cage.

You can find bird cages at many different stores: retail stores such as Petsmart and Petco, discount stores, or even departmental stores. You can also look online at bird websites or online stores, but remember to factor in shipping costs before buying! Another good and cheap place to hunt a bird cage is garage sales, flea markets, and newspaper advertisements, but make sure and disinfect a secondhand birdcage before using! - 30447

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Bird Feeders - Bird Feeding Tips for the Newbie

By Terrance Wottson

Are you new to bird feeding? If so, then you may be happy with the fact that having bird feeders in your garden or close to your home will give you a source of natural music however conjointly a ornamental fixture that you just and neighbors can surely love. Needless to mention, the kind of bird feeder you choose will make a ton of birds happy. If you would like to grasp more regarding bird feeders and bird feeding, then read on

First of all, a bird feeder provides your garden or area with functionality and ornamental elements. Since feeders return in numerous styles, designs and materials, you can opt for one that is suitable to your home's general theme. To be closer to nature, though, you can opt for the natural-finished wood bird feeders. If you have got no plan how to form your own bird feeder, then it might be nice news to say that you can easily get one currently in the planning and size you prefer. You can select to by fro the usual pet search, home supply store or maybe from various specialty stores online. Shopping for online can also offer you with additional advantages as you're given additional selections and better costs without having to hop from shop to shop.

Here are some helpful bird feeding tips for newbies such as you:

1. Select your location carefully. You should not place your bird feeders on wide open spaces that are simply seen by bird predators. There ought to be one thing (a tree, a bush or maybe an out of doors ornament) that can enable them to fly to and from your feeder while taking cover from predators. You need to additionally select your location fastidiously therefore you'll be able to avoid places with high traffic or abundant noise and pollution.

2. Select prime quality bird seeds. If you want your bird feeder to figure by attracting the most doable range of birds, then you must choose your bird seeds carefully. For starters, you'll be able to continuously use whole sunflower kernels. Choosing top quality bird food can attract the well-liked song birds. Normally of the thumb, you should continuously choose the better forms or bird seed as birds tend to travel to a bird feeder that provides better meals. Therefore if you wish your bird feeders to serve their purpose by attracting a smart variety o birds, then create certain that you invest in sensible bird seed.

3. Build water always accessible on your bird feeders. Another reason for birds to come back to your bird feeder is when you have got sufficient supply of clean water. Also, it is necessary to use heated water (in the right temperature, please) during the winter season.

4. Practice patience. You can not your bird feeders to right away attract a throng of birds. Like in virtually everything, you need patience for this to happen. Relying on the world or the overall location, birds will visit your bird feeder in an exceedingly matter of days, weeks or maybe months once set up. You have to remember that birds conjointly would like familiarization with a brand new feeder as they are creatures of habit. - 30447

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